12 tips to make your laptop battery last longer

As we all know, laptops are more convenient to use than traditional desktop computers, and they have batteries inside, which can be used anywhere without delay. This is also one of the biggest selling points of laptops. However, many people say that the batteries of laptops are not very durable, and their service life is also very short, far from being as long as advertised. They feel cheated, However, this is not the case. The battery’s durability is mainly related to your use errors. So let’s talk about 12 tips that can make your laptop battery last longer!

1. Select black background image to save power
Although many people like to choose some colorful pictures on the computer background, which also makes them feel happy. It seems like a normal choice, but it also has a certain price. If your laptop screen is an OLED, each pixel can emit light independently, which means that the more colors in the picture, the more power is consumed. If you choose a single black color, then the screen pixels are turned off, which will save more power.


2. Select sleep mode instead of sleep mode
Some people don’t understand the hibernation and sleep functions of the computer, and think they are the same. In fact, this is not the case. If you choose the sleep mode, the computer will still use its memory and run out of battery even when it is turned off, while the hibernation mode will not. I hope you can know this tip.

3. Clean up the computer garbage
Cleaning up the computer garbage can not only make the system faster, but also be very beneficial to power saving. Because the computer runs slower and slower, which will affect the battery life, you must develop the habit of cleaning up garbage regularly.


4. Overheating and supercooling affect battery life
Laptop batteries are the same as mobile phone batteries. They are lithium batteries, because in some extreme temperatures, such as overheating and supercooling, the battery will consume power quickly, and also affect its service life. Especially in the case of overheating, not only will the battery consume power quickly, but also the operation of the computer is very stuck, and the computer temperature is even hot. If this time continues, it will do great harm to the computer system, There may also be a risk of battery explosion, so you must pay attention. Normally, in hot summer, it is better to install a radiator under the computer!


5. Do not plug in the power all the time
When using laptops, many people have the habit of plugging in the power all the time. In fact, this is a wrong way to use the laptop. Generally speaking, the battery is a cycle from 0% to 100%, but if you plug in the power all the time, it will block the cycle. Therefore, it will also affect the life of the battery. Just like a person who always eats too much, naturally it is not conducive to health, Therefore, after the battery is fully charged, properly unplug the power supply and keep the battery percentage at 50% – 80%.


6. Don’t wait until the battery is dead
This is also a common mistake made by some people. When the battery is completely discharged, it will be recharged. Because the current batteries are lithium batteries, which have no memory effect. If the battery is recharged after the battery is completely discharged, the chemical substances inside the lithium battery will not react and the service life will be reduced. Therefore, the correct way is not to use less than 20% of the power before charging. This tip must be known.


7. Unplug the external device on the USB
Because these external devices are powered by the computer motherboard, even if you do not use them, they can also take away the valuable power of the computer. Therefore, the correct way to save power is to unplug these devices on the USB and turn off the sound of the speakers when you do not listen to music.


8. Turn off WiFi and Bluetooth
These two functions are frequently used, but there is no denying that they are very power consuming, especially in standby mode. Therefore, if you do not need to connect them at present, you can choose to disable them first, and then turn them on when to use them. Although this has some trouble, the battery protection is still very good.


9. Don’t open many applications
Like mobile phones, laptops should not open too many applications, because these applications can still run in the background, increasing the pressure on the system operation, but also making the battery consume too quickly, which is not good for the battery life. Therefore, we should try to turn off the unused applications.


10. Update the latest system patch regularly
The computer system must update patches regularly, because it is important for the computer system security to further upgrade the protection, and it is also helpful for the system running speed. Finally, the system patch can repair the battery power consumption. Therefore, you should not be lazy or pay no attention to this, but update the latest system patch regularly!


11. Upgrade mechanical hard disk to solid state disk
Nowadays, more and more computers begin to admire SSD, because the SSD reading system is fast, and the time to load applications will be shorter, which is very consistent with the use habits of modern people. Of course, in addition to these, SSD also has a great impact on the battery. The power consumption of SSD is smaller, and the battery will generate less power.


12. Keep the computer clean
Keep the inside of the computer clean, especially the fans, because once they are prevented from running normally by dust, the computer will become hot immediately, and the power consumption of the battery will increase. Although the cleaning of the laptop fan is not so easy and may not be completed, you can also go to the computer maintenance department for cleaning, and the cost is not very expensive.微信图片_20230107103127

Post time: Jan-07-2023